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    NLS settings in a connection pool environment

    Rodney Bailey

      I have limited experience with globalization/localization and I am trying to build an application, using Oracle APEX 4.2/Oracle 11g db, that supports multiple users of different nationalities.  I do have a specific question, but first... can anyone recommend any good books, blogs, websites to learn more about best practices for the myriad of things you have to think about in this area?


      Secondly, my specific question is... since my application will be utilizing a connection pool, how does it work as far as setting the NLS settings for a given client session?  In the typical client/server architecture I know you would simply change the NLS setting when the user logs in and that change would govern just that user's database session.  Is it a different approach when we are in a connection pool environment?  If not, how does Oracle manage maintaining the client session settings when that client session may utilize more than one db session in its lifespan?