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    DBA's Scope of Work for Implementing Data Guard


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      I have had implemented data guard few times but the primary and standby servers were in the same premises. But today our firm got the project to implement Data Guard where sites are geographically across wide distances. The database size 1.7TB.Client will take care of taking RMAN backup and placing on the DR Site. My senior has asked me to document the scope of work, which must take into considerations OS, Network and Storage(which is not our part), we are only responsible for implementing Oracle Data Guard and conducting one switch over/switch back. But how do i document that in a professional way? Any Suggestions. Kindly help


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          Hemant K Chitale

          The scope of work is expected to be the same as if the two were in the same premises.  However, if there is significant latency between the primary and the standby site, your work might expand or change to implement Async / Cascaded / Far Sync (if on 12c)



          Hemant K Chitale

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            I would focus on transfer speed between servers (on different sites) in some benchmark kind of way. Plenty of tools on the net ..

            Compare such results with transfer speeds on same site.

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              DBA scope:

              • DB configuration
              • DataGuard configuration
              • DB and DG monitoring. This is important to find issues (network for example if you stop receiving archives on you Stnadby)
              • Switch from Primary to Standby Operations.
              • Check the amount of archives for your DB and be able to calculate how much MB you will need for your DG environment.  This is quite important requirement to implement and to maintain your DG environment.


              Not DBA scope:

              • Network availability
              • SO availability
              • DRP Site availability
              • Network speed
              • Firewall configurations
              • Network monitoring. This is quite important.


              If you sometime implement a Oracle environment, you always create a document with this kind of information for your clients.