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    Url Rewrite for image paths not working (IPlanet Web Server 7.0.15)




      I have an iPlanet Web Server that reverse proxies to an internal web server configured with Microsoft IIS. IIS hosts the site application. The old url of the site was http://service.app.local, now it has to be http://service.app.local/services. Since the url has changed, all the image files/script files path should also be changed from http://service.app.local/Images to http://service.app.local/services/Images in order for them to be found. I'm trying to edit the obj.config of the virtual server, but to no avail:


      <If $path =~ "/Images/(.*)">

      NameTrans fn="redirect" url="http://service.app.local/services/Images/$1"



      But somehow, the does is not getting changed. Please advise what may have gone wrong and also is there any way to debug which directive gets executed and if it's getting matched.



      Thank you. Any help will be greatly appreciated!