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    Primavera Contract Management Version, Build 2085


      We currently have about 11 licenses in our office and do not have a service contract with Oracle for help but since I am a user and the issues I am having have a direct impact on my job I am asking for a one time support to help us resolve our issues with Primavera, since we constantly are unable to print out reports, RFI's etc.. We have to call our IT customer support who do not know what our real problem is and it is getting very frustrating that is why I am here asking for help. It seems that our print applications in Primavera are constantly unusable becuase whatever version of Java that gets sent to our computers via our IT department it disables our ability to print out and view any reports and logs.. So we have to ask them to delete the latest version and download the older version which in this case is JHava 7 Update 51. I remember we we're working okay with Java 6 but forgot the version and that allowed us to run pretty cleanly.


      Is my issue a problem mainly becuase I am using an older version of Primavera Contract Management?


      Please email me at william.cendales@aecom.com and help me find a FINAL solution to the problems we are having..


      Thank You,


      William Cendales


      973-622-5600 Ext 204.

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          Rudy Ising


          First, your organization should keep your software maintenance current with Oracle; while this might not provide you with patches for the current version, it would provide you the ability to migrate to a later, and better supported version.  Unless you have IT support within your organizeation to fully support the application, you will be continually faced with living on the edge--such as you appear to be now.


          Having said that, almost certainly your problems are incomplatibility with either the Java versions or the browser/OS you are running.  I do not believe that any browser later than IE8 was supported in CM13.0, and for Java I believe that 1.6.0_14 was the certified version.  If you are running JRE 7_51 this easily could be your problem.  Also, if you are running any more recent browser (IE9, IE10) or any recent version of Firefox, these could also be causing issues.


          This may not be the response you would like to hear.