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    Manage Links problem in Discoverer Plus


      I am using Discoverer Plus   Awhile ago I created a worksheet to search for data via parameters and created links to other worksheets based on a parameter value.  When I selected a link it went into the linked worksheet and refreshed the data correctly for the selected value.  Then when I went back into the master worksheet it still had the full list of rows from the original search.


      However I have just created a new workbook on a different database doing the same thing however when I return to the master worksheet it reruns the query with the cell value I selected, adds it to the parameter values and returns just one row (for the value selected), and not the original list. I want to keep the original list as per the first report.  However I have followed the same process and cannot see any difference or why it would do this.   I have auto-refresh ticked for both reports. If I don't have this it will not auto refresh the data in the linked report.


      Can anyone please suggest what I may be missing or if I can stop the auto refresh in the master worksheet but not in others?