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    URL Forwarding with iPlanet Server




      I am looking for a way to forward URL in iPlanet web server(version 7.0.15). I am able to redirect to a URL with the redirect function in NameTrans directive in obj.conf file but the url in the address bar changes to the new URL every time it redirects. I want to internally forward the URL keeping the original URL in the address bar unchanged.


      Here is the configuration I have in my obj.conf file that is redirecting to the new url. The configuration below changes the URL in the address bar.

      for eg: I want to route http://www.google.com to http://www.search.com?page=default but retain the original url in address bar to http://www.google.com


      My configuration setting in obj.conf file.

      <If $uri =~ "^$">

      NameTrans fn="redirect" url="/index.php?module=standard"



      This configuration above changes the URL everytime it redirects which is not what I want.

      Appreciate any help.