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    Different Character set Issue

    Prosenjit Sarkar

      I have one database which follow West European 8 Bit char set (WE8ISO8859P1) and another database having its super set i.e. AL32UTF8. Currently, it is not possible to change the character set.

      What will be the possible way to handle the data issue using oracle function like “CONVERT”?

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          What "data issue" are you trying to handle?  Are you trying to copy data from the UTF-8 database to the ISO-8859-1 database?  Or is your problem something else?


          Some of the data that is in the UTF-8 database simply may not be representable in a VARCHAR2 column your ISO-8859-1 database.  Assuming that the ISO-8859-1 database has a national character set of UTF-16, you should be able to copy the data from the UTF-8 database into NVARCHAR2 columns in the ISO-8859-1 database.