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    Change listener path for Enterprise Manger


      I have Enterprise Manager 12 setup on a server and have Oracle 11.2.01 on the back end.  I also use this server for my recovery catalog which is running Oracle 11.2.02.  When I installed my recovery catalog I started using the newer listener and in the process broke my backups that were running successfully in the past for Enterprise Manager.  I believe I need to point via the emca utility to the new listener.  I would like to be able to first see what path it currently thinks the listener is running in just to verify this is indeed my issue?  Then if it is pointing at the incorrect one point it at the correct one.  I know there is a LISTENER_OH parameter but just not sure what the correct syntax for all of this would be and could not find any good examples for this.


      I would like to see my current settings (something like this)

      emca -show all


      Then I am not sure if I then need to deconfigure the old settings?

      emca -deconfig dbcontrol -listener_oh


      And then reconfigure it with new settings?

      em -config dbcontrol -listner_oh D:\app\OracleDB_11.2.0\product\11.2.0\dbhome_2\NETWORK\ADMIN


      Location of old listener



      Location of new listener



      Database name or SID EMORCL