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    DG startup in cluster

    891445 on linux. Oracle clusteware.  (dg broker not used)


      We have 2 node rac primary and standby (2 node, but only one node active for managed recovery)

      We have not added the standby database to the cluster, as standby is in read-only active dg setup.


      just wondering, if  we can add this to clusterware, so that it can automatically handle server reboots.

      Also, s there any way to put the db in managed recovery as well ?

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          If the standby is part of the cluster, then configure it to MOUNT automatically on reboot.


          srvctl modify database -d standby_d -s MOUNT


          This will STARTUP MOUNT the instance, but will not automatically start redo apply. The next thing I would do is to configure the DG Broker. With the DG Broker, when the instance is started up, the Broker will automatically start the redo apply for you.