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    WLS 10.3.6>> file creation with no permission for others



      We are moving our weblogic server to 10.3.6 and while testing the application we are facing the below issue:

      Our application has functionality to accept a file and save to a particular directory.  The file creation was perfect but the files were created with rw(user), r(group),  and no permissions for others. When the same application was run on older version of weblogic (10.0.2)  the files are created with rw(user), rw (group), r(others).   Does new version of web logic adds any restrictions on file permissions or we doing something wrong?

      -rw-r----- 1 sbmilano sbmilano  2523 Jun  4 21:40 1649765356.gif  (file created on Web logic 10.3.6)
      -rw-rw-r-- 1 sbmilano sbmilano  2523 Apr 20 21:22 1886767710.gif (file created on Web logic 10.0)