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    What happen if OGG is configured in classic capture mode for oracle RAC DB and DB instance from node 2 will be stopped?

    Alex Avalos



      I have OGG installed on shared file systems including PRM, CHK and TRAIL files directories, to extract data from oracle RAC DB, but OGG is not configured under grid infrastructure or cluster, I have one EXTRACT process to capture and one EXTRACT datapump to send trail files to the target, at this moment all process MGR and EXTRACT are running on node 2.


      EXTRACT was ADDED with THREADS 2 in order to cover DB instances in the RAC with two nodes and parameter TRANLOGOPTIONS DBLOGREADER for EXTRACT is set to read redo and archive logs.


      OS administrator wants apply patches to node 2, so the plan is move all process to node 1.


      Step 1. Enter on GGSCI STOP EXT * and STOP MGR for node 2

      Stop 2  Enter on GGSCI START MGR and START EXT * for node 1


      But after this actions DB instance from node 2 will be stopped, In this case OGG extract will crash because OGG can't connect to DB instance from node 2.


      So, What configuration or workaround I can do in order to avoid OGG extract fail?


      At this moment I can´t enable OGG for cluster configuration in order of document ha-goldengate-whitepaper-128197, I need other option, anyone can help me?


      Alex Avalos.