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    EDQ Dashboard




      For EDQ-CDS project, I'm trying to publish a processor to Dashboard - checked 'publish to dashboard' on one List Check Processor, then checked 'publish to dashboard' on Run Preferences for the Process (Clean-Individual). Saved the process, then launched the Real time Individual Clean job.


      Then Dashboard > Administration, I can't find my project/process/processor in the right top box under Sources.


      Any idea?

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          Yes, the process execution preferences only apply to interactive runs of the process (independently) so if you want to alter the job to publish you need to edit the job and alter the process preferences in the job to publish to the dashboard.

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            Thanks Mike!


            One more question, is it possible to download the Dashboard reports in Excel? There's supposed to be a button for it, but I can't seem to find it.

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              No, the EDQ results browser has Excel options, but the Dashboard does not.


              You could collate a Results Book of all published metrics and export that - has the advantage of being able to output data samples as well.

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                Can you please provide some instructions on that?

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                  From EDQ Help:

                  Creating a Results Book
                  Results Books can be created in the Project Browser, or by linking a set of results in the Results Browser to a new Results Book.

                  1) To create a Results Book in the Project Browser, right-click on Results Books, and select New Results Book.
                  2) To create a Results Book by linking in some results in the Results Browser, click on the  Add Page to Results Book button, and click on the New Results Book button at the bottom of the dialog.

                  Since we run the realtime process Clean-Individual through realtime Individual Clean job, we cannot go to results browser to add pages to Results Book.


                  Please advise.

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                    I think I would need to understand what you are trying to achieve. Results books would not normally be used with real-time processes.

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                      Hi Mike,


                      In EDQ-CDS project, for Clean-Individual process, we have added some Audit processors such as Email Check. All the data is passing through realtime interfaces. Our business wants to have a weekly report in Excel on how many records fail these checks. I published these processors to Dashboard. The problem with Dashboard reports is that they cannot be exported to Excel. Can you help?

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                        The best way to do this is to write a log file of every message that comes through the real-time service using an export with an append option. Probably to a csv file or similar. Obviously if you have multiple servers you may generate multiple files. You will need to use the Flag attribute from email validation (Y/N) as one of the attributes in the data, along with record id, a date/time stamp, and whatever data you want to be available on drilldown if any.


                        Then put together a project in EDQ that pulls in the data from the file(s), merges them (if many) and has audit processors checking the flag attributes with results published to Results Books and/or the Dashboard - it could have externalized options for the date/time range you care about. The job in this project can then be run on a regular basis to report.


                        Alternatively/additionally, you could alter the processes in the job to run in interval mode which means they will write results intermittently to the Dashboard, but this will a) affect performance of the services, and b) make the Excel piece manual.





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                          Hi Mike,


                          Where is the data on Dashboard stored?

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                            It is stored in the EDQ Config database. The tables are not a public interface.

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                              The config db has the dashboard definition - DN_USERDASHBOARDELEMENT, DN_DASHBOARDELEMENT. But where the actual data from dashboard is store in EDQ Results DB? We want to export the data directly since Dashboard does not let user export the data directly.

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                                The data for the Dashboard is not in the Results DB (as it is not throwaway). It is in the Config DB.


                                The tables are not a public interface so if you pull the data from them, your integration may break on an EDQ upgrade.

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                                  Can you please list which table in Config DB? We'll add this to a list of things we need to take care of when we perform EDQ upgrade.