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    NOt able to Install Informatica 9.1 in Windows 8


      I have a 4GB Ram ,Windows 8 laoptop ,Oracle 10G Installed .




      I want to install Informatica 9.1 but it gives GUI NOT SUPPORTED ERROR.




      Please help

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          Please follow the steps mentioned below:


          1. Extract the zip file(s)

          2. Open a command prompt and go to source/isp/bin folder

          3. Run infasetup.bat defineDomain. Various options would be displayed in front of you. One sample define domain command is as follows:

               infasetup.bat defineDomain -da <dbHost>:<dbPort> -dt <dbType> -du <dbUser> -dp <dbPwd> -ds <dbServiceName> -dn <domainName> -nn <NodeName> -na <nodeHost>:<NodePort> -mi <minPort> -ma <maxPort> -ld <logDirectory> -rf nodeoptions.xml


          If I may have missed any mandatory options, please fill in that missing option.

          Once the command runs successfully for defineDomain, you need to startup the domain:

          4. Go to source/tomcat/bin

          5. Run, infaservice.bat startup


          Give some time, open a browser and type in the http://hostName:portNo (that you gave as the value for -na option). In some time, the AC should show up.


          Please reply if this solves your issue or you encounter some different problem.