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    Oracle AQ and performance questions


      Hi all,


      I'm a developer (JAVA) and its my first time to work on Oracle AQ. Our team will be creating a back end executable application that will make use of the Java Messaging Service (JMS) technology with Oracle AQ. It will be point and point and not publish subscribe. The thing is, there is already an existing queue used by another application and this new application we would create is almost similar in function to the existing one. My dilemma is whether we should create a new queue or do we ride on the existing one? What are the things we should consider for this? Do queue behave like regular database table too? only with listening?


      Question 2 is: How do we see the list of available queues in the oracle aq database? Can we view this using any db management tool (e.g. dbvisualizer, toad , squirrel) ?



      Thanks and I would appreciate any help or advice.