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    Need to execute jsp page instead of file download using mapped folder web location


      I have defined web url mapped folders as

      Mapped Folder   /Contribution Folders/OLMContentstorage/

      Url for Folder  http://rws60121rems.us.oracle.com:16203/contentstorage/



      I then checkin a simple jsp file(helloworld.jsp under folder"/Contribution Folders/OLMContentstorage/Ucm Folder1/")

      Content info post checkin


      Hidden: False

      Read Only: False

      Inhibit Propagation: False

      Force Folder Security: False






      Security Group: Public

      Checked Out By:

      Status: Done

      Formats: Application/jsp

      Mapped Folder Web Location: http://rws60121rems.us.oracle.com:16203/contentstorage/Ucm Folder1/helloWorld.jsp

      Web Location:   http://rws60121rems.us.oracle.com:16203/cs/groups/public/documents/document/zwxs/b3dv/~edisp/helloworld.jsp

      Native File: helloWorld.jsp


      Now, if I click on http://rws60121rems.us.oracle.com:16203/contentstorage/Ucm Folder1/helloWorld.jsp

      It tries to downloads hellowWorld.jsp file



      if I click on http://rws60121rems.us.oracle.com:16203/cs/groups/public/documents/document/zwxs/b3dv/~edisp/helloworld.jsp

      it executes jsp file( after I checked checkbox "Enable Java Server Page(JSP)" and set JSP Enabled Groups to "Public" in General configeration page)


      My requirement:

      I would need to execute .jsp file(instead of it asking for file download) when I use Mapped Folder Web Location URL i.e  http://rws60121rems.us.oracle.com:16203/contentstorage/Ucm Folder1/helloWorld.jsp

      Is this achievable? If so could you please guide me with setup or any kind of customization required to achieve this