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    Per Lindström

      Hi all,


      after having read a white-paper about TSAM I'm still left wondering whether TSAM will work with GWSNAX. It says TSAM will work beautifully with GWTDOMAIN, but GWSNAX is not mentioned at all.


      What kind of monitoring of GWSNAX would be possible by means of TSAM? Assume Tuxedo 11 or 12.1.1 (not 12.1.3).


      Any input on this welcome!


      Best regards


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          Todd Little-Oracle

          Hi Per,


          Did you like the white paper?  :-)


          TSAM Plus 12.1.3 can monitor the GWSNAX, but only from the Enterprise Manager Plug-in and only for 12.1.3.  If you need support for older versions, please open a support request for a backport.



          Todd Little

          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect