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    GRUB-legacy and GRUB2


      Hi, ALL,

      I have a question about GRUB that is installed alone with Solaris 11.1.


      My disk has a GPT label and it has 5 partitions. The first four is used for Linux which uses GRUB2. When I installed Linux I installed GRUB2 as well and it was installed in the MBR thru the grub2-install.

      Now Solaris is installed in the fifth partition and it uses GRUB-legacy which after the installation over-wrote GRUB2 in the MBR. This is because after Solaris install and reboot I see GRUB-legacy from Solaris.


      Is it correct understanding?

      If that is true, then:

      Now when I boot Linux and re-issue grub2-install it will overwrite the MBR with the GRUB2.


      Is this second statement correct?


      Thank you for the answers.