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    How to update WebCenter Content from BPM activity using BPEL?


      Hi All,


      I have a simple scenario:


      Oracle BPM activity which has a Human Taskflow form; information entered by the user needs to be used to update metadata of a content item in WebCenter Content.


      I had thought this would be easy - but not so simple   :-(


      BPM invokes BPEL - OK


      BPEL needs to invoke web service to achieve the update.


      As it is 11g and different servers hosting WebCenter Content and SOA / BPM, there is Web Service security involved to protect the SOA End Points.


      The Generic Soap Service needs to be used.


      The documentation says it should all work.


      We can test individual elements, and use the SOA Web Service "Test" facility to validate the information for the "Generic Soap Service".


      What we cannot achieve is the end to end. It seems that BPEL is not invoking  SOA successfully.


      Does anybody have a working example or suggestions?


      I have tried looking in WebCenter Content, BPM, BPEL and SOA forums.


      I have previously used the "IdcService" specific WSDLs to update WebCenter Content. The issue seems to be how to use the "GenericSoapService".