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    Change of email address


      Hi Friends,


      I have a query regarding my OTN profile.

      From past 4-5 years am using my personal email account and for first 2-3 years my personal account was linked with the customer CSI number to access metalink/MOS, however the CSI access was revoked as am not working any more from them.


      Now i want to link my account with the CSI of my current organization, I have updated new CSI details and sent for the approval from administrators.

      I have a doubt probably with the personal email id company may or may not approve, If not approved then i can see one option to change of email address. 


      So lets suppose i have changed/updated new email address, will i loose complete old status?


      the same profile will be applicable and only the email address will be changed?


      Basically my idea is to link my OTN account with Oracle support community.  If i have posted question in wrong forums/division please let me know.


      Thank you all for the help in advance.

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          Changing your email address should not lose your current profile, points or details... HOWEVER from past observation, it works for some people and for others it doesn't, sometimes creating a new account with the new email and, in some cases, preventing access to the old account... and then Oracle cannot merge accounts, they can only fix the email to the old account for you manually.


          See Dude!'s User Guide:


          Oracle Community Forum Guide - Part 1/3


          Section 1.3

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            So as you said its not guarantee to have same profile, if we loose everything then its really bizarre...  I hope it will be fixed very soon.



            1.3     Changing Your Username


            To change your username, which is your e-mail address that you use to sign-in to your Oracle account, click on Change Username, located next to Change Password as previously described.



            Currently, changing your username may not work properly  and give you a new system assigned public username handle with 0 points. You can however change back to your previous username and thereby restore your rewarded points and account status.

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              Well, it's bee an issue for many years so "very soon" could be a while yet.

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                Somehow i got approval from my employer and i can see in support.oracle.com as approved CSI.

                But still am unable to access to the My Oracle Support Community with the message "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here." , Can you please let me know where can i post the question related to My oracle support community in order to resolve this issue?


                Thank you

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                  There's an email here: Community

                  Also, if your MOS admin is not within earshot, you can send a message to them asking for access from several places under the Settings tab of the MOS page.  Not that, as an administrator, I can see where to grant MOSC access, I think it is entirely controlled by MOSC admins.

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                    From what I understand, the merge of OTN and MOS accounts was something that was available only during the merge of the communities. You cannot merge the accounts by aligning the login credentials yourself.


                    Your username handle and login ID (email) have to be unique within the system. if you rename your login or username handle to something that already exists in the system you should receive an error message. If you initially had a login for MOS that was different than OTN you end up with 2 different user accounts. And as far as I learned from MOS support, these accounts cannot be merged.

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                      If you have a different email address for OTN and another one for MOSC, at the moment both won't be merged. Speaking from personal experience, you can't have the same username(or handle , like in your case CKPT) in both OTNC and MOSC. And if you would change the email address, it would end up with a new user-I have experienced it just about 4 days ago.


                      You may want to read this thread.

                      Re: Question about the MOSC and OTN merge



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                        Hi Aman,


                        Instaed of changing email address from my personal account to the official email address, I took access and linked with CSI to my personal account.

                        Now am able to access both OTNC and MOSC. Thanks for the suggestions and for sharing your experience