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    Recovery Mode

      Hi all,



      I have created a recovery mode database(not dataguard) at DR server. What I mean is, I restored a backup at another server and continuously applying logs while the db is mounted and not open. It is something like a primitive standby db.


      My question, is since this is part the process of "data guard", can I convert this process to a full pledged dataguard standby db?



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          Sunny kichloo

          There will be some amount of lagging between your production and standby.It is an alternative to DR in a less cost but this process is not a full pledged DR solution.

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            The only time I've seen something like this was a solution with custom scripts to apply logs on the standby on Oracle Standard Edition.


            If it's Enterprise Edition why would you not go for the dataguard solution?


            can I convert this process to a full pledged dataguard standby db?

            I wouldn't see why not but I guess you would need to make some changes to the database parameters, create standby redo logs etc to get this to work the way it should.

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              Don't convert, replace it using RMAN active duplication.

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                Yeah it is enterprise. I wanted to use dataguard but my network  bandwidth is slow, and our db is big which take so long to rman duplicate.

                That is why I want to reuse the existing primitive standby setup. What else to I add to it ? to make it a dataguard setup? I am thinking to save time by skipping the duplicate rman copy since I already have this "standby" per se.


                Thanks all,

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                  If you go through any create physical standby doc and go through any steps you think are required which haven't already been done.


                  If in doubt, or if things don't go as expected or you have issues, then go with msebergs suggestion and create from scratch.


                  Might be less headache in the longer run...and give you the confidence that everything is setup exactly as you want.

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                    I thank you all