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    OSB Multiple target Webservice routing


      Dear Experts


      I need your kind advice in implementing a particular solution in OSB. We have a requirement like ,OSB will be receiving username and other field from source system through a web service call and we have to invoke multiple target web services say 3 from where we will get response from each target service which is of same structure and have to combine these responses and send back to the source system as a single response. Is it good to use multiple service callouts to capture these response separately, combine them through transformation and send the response back to caller through routing activity? I came to know that it is not suggestible to use multiple service callouts in a single flow. Also I want to know that if one target service is down whether it is possible to continue invoking other running web services if we use multiple service callouts.


      Is there any design criteria in OSB I can follow to implement this solution. What I understood from the concept of routing table where we can have multiple routings is it is a condition based routing like switch case, where as in my case don't have any condition to filter. I have to invoke all web services with the same data which I receive from the source


      Any advice on this would be highly appreciated.