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    Automatic IR receiving

    Nikhil Goel

      Hi ,


      Whts the setup to automatic receive the IR once you ship the Internal Order? user doesnt want any manual intervention.

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          Mohammed Ahmad


          Welcome to Community,

          I assume that you know the setup steps for IR in Oracle purchasing; other wise please refer to the document ID in point 2 below:

          Following are the key steps that have to be done so that direct receiving is occurred upon interfacing of internal orders shipping trasnactions:  


          1- The relationship between source inventory organization and destination inventory organization is Direct:

              Inventory => Setup = Org = Shipping Network => From: Source Org To: Destination Org Transfer Type is Direct

          2- Item(s) should be internal ordered enabled, destination org should be defined as customer ...

              (please refer to Document ID 406312.1 on My Oracle Support for more details about  the complete setup)

          3- Since the subinventory is not required during entry of requisitions, you have to setup item transactions defaults to avoid any errors while interfacing receiving transactions

              Inventory => Setup => Trx = Item Trx Defaults: select item(s) defualt for receiving along with subinventory and locators (if locator controlled is in use)




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            BABU J



            Inventory Module.

            Setup--> Organizations --> Shipping Network  set the following

            Trasfer Type  as "Direct"

            Receipt Routing as " Direct"

            then try it.




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              Nikhil Goel

              thanks i'll try this solution.