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    Tax Integration API in Fusion Purchasing


      Hi Everyone,

      Currently, there are SOA integrations happening between Fusion Procurement and Oracle EBS 12i; one of these integrations creates an 'Saved' PO in EBS, this gets triggered when a PO Requisition is saved in Fusion Apps. In EBS 12i the Third Party tax engine has been configured which calls OneSource and this tax engine is able to tightly integrated with EBS 12.1.3.We would like to leverage this Tax calculation engine and reflect "estimated" taxes in Fusion POs as well. We would like to know which API in Fusion POs can we leverage to update the Tax details back from EBS into Fusion.

      Does anyone know the API to update the Tax information in Fusion Apps for a Purchase Order.



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          Hi Sabir;


          As of now there is no service to update the third part information in the tax, I have heared that something Oracle is planning to give in release 9.


          Before that I can only suggest to use Oracle private plsql procdure to update the tax information.


          But before that raise an SR with Oracle and then only use as per standard we should not use anything private on Oracle plsql procedure.



          Vipin Kumar

          Accenture Service India Ltd.