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    Srvctl Remove instance


      Dear Gurus,


      I am facing a problem with removing an instance from the running cluster.

      Recently a node was removed from the cluster using the oracle documentation.

      But the instances were just stopped (not removed). Now If I remove the instance I get the error " Cluster check failed for node ...... "

      and I dont know how to remove this instance... I am also having now problem in configuring the emca as it fails saying "Invalid Node List"

      If I run the cluvfy for the deleted node, it runs successfully, and olsnodes -s -t also displays only the running nodes...

      only problem is i cannot remove the stopped instances (which are no longer used) and cannot configure the EM dbconsole.


      Is it possible to update the cluster registry and database to make sure nothing is pointing to this node which was removed?


      will reconfigure DB for cluster help - using

      srvctl remove database

      and then

      srvctl add database

      srvctl add instance (for the running instances)


      If so does srvctl remove database command only removes the cluster configuration for the database?, or does it remove the database itself? (downtime required? .. its a production system)


      Thanks a ton