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    r12 add toolbar item.


      We need to enable a toolbar item (and icon) that has to be ON and available always without any restrictions. which means it must be available at all times. we tried doing it via custom.pll and it works except that BEFORE performing the action associated with the special trigger it gives the error "FRM 40700 – No such trigger SPECIAL" . we even tried setting system.message_level but that did not work.

      enabling via personalization works but then we would have to do taht for each and every form..... which is not feasible. 

      Any suggestions to avoid the error in custom.pll approach or any way we can enable personalization for all forms without having to code for each individual form ?


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          the anilpassi website also has the exact similar thing to what i have done in CUSTOM.pll but does not mention receiving the error "FRM 40700 – No such trigger SPECIAL" , maybe because it was limited to a specific form/block which maybe had a trigger SPECIAL15.  since i dont enable conditionally (because i want it enabled for ALL forms and be always available in the toolbar) i get the error in all forms where such trigger does not exist   ???

          any inputs ?

          Enable or Disable Special Menu

          PROCEDURE manage_special_menu IS

            mi_id menuitem;


            mi_id := find_menu_item('SPECIAL.SPECIAL15');

            IF name_in('system.cursor_block') = 'INVOICE_HEADER' THEN

              app_special2.instantiate('SPECIAL15', 'Print Invoice');

              set_menu_item_property(mi_id, displayed, property_true);

              set_menu_item_property(mi_id, enabled, property_true);


              set_menu_item_property(mi_id, displayed, property_false);

            END IF;

          END manage_special_menu;

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            folks, any guidance ?