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    Real Time Backup of Database




      Excuse,,if the question seems to be foolish. It is because I am quite new to Oracle and at present not aware of the full



      We have Oracle 8.0 Database running on Windows 2003 Server. I know that this version is pretty old and need to be updated.

      Presently I've set up auto backup at specific intervals, but this also would be not enough in case of a sudden server crash.

      Hence, I would like to know whether it is possible to do real time backing up of the oracle database to another machine. The

      intention here is to create high availability. I read something about Data Guard but don't know whether it will meet my



      Kindly advise what are the alternatives?





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          The term Data Guard came along with Oracle version 9 ( completely obsolete too ). In Oracle 8 it was called "Standby database".


          You should upgrade to at least Oracle 11 and then consider using Data Guard. Trying to use Oracle 8 will give you nothing but headaches and you will have learn a ton of things which are no longer true.


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            Dataguard is typically used for DR and not HA.


            Oracle RAC is used for HA but was only introduced in 9i.


            For 8i Oracle Parallel Server was used but I'll be surprised if you can even get the software for that let alone any kind of support.

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              Yeah its too old era, There are changes from version to version and release to release..

              As said by mseberg Data Guard there is no concept in 8i where it is called simple standby database and you cannot avail high availability features with this version of course still you can manage standby with manual recovery. But lot of manual tasks has to be performed such as copying archive files, recovery stop and start so on.

              So very very limited in terms of high availability instead of that you can say alternate database which is available to you in case of primary is unavailable.

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