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    Can unzipped PDF Blobs be stored in XMLP_SCHED_DATA?

    Michael Coyne

      I am upgrading from BIP v10 to BIP v11, and I cannot see how to stop PDF reports being zipped when they are written to the XMLP_SCHED_DATA table.

      Under BIP v10 PDF objects were always unzipped when written to XMLP_SCHED_OUTPUT.document_data.

      Under BIP v11 PDF objects are now always zipped and written to XMLP_SCHED_DATA.data.

      I have set the run-time configuration of pdf-compression to "false" and restarted weblogic, but the reports are still being written as zipped objects.


      I need to have some way of either unzipping the XMLP_SCHED_DATA.data blob via SQL, or disabling the zipping of PDF objects.