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    special menu is not validate




      I have requirement .in form personalization there Is special 6  menu to implement the eco

      Now I have done a personalization to validate date .and do show error message.

      It is validate perfectly but after correct wrong date and save now it is not show message that also work

      Perfect specil menu function toimplemnt but that is not working.


      Why it is not doing it functionality after form personalization .

      It is r12 in the engineering module.


      Please help me

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          Problem has been resolved .


          i look into that seeded form where in it triiger event(in out case special6 event ) is pass as parameter into seeded form procedure .

          now what happen when i gave form pesrsonalization on the special6 . it is validate the condition properly .

          but it is not performing the seeded functionality that implement items .


          now in order to get special6 event to be called

          In actin i gave execute trigger call special6