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    Change order tolerance settings



      We are on oracle R12.


      We have 5% or 50 USD whichever is greater tolerance allowed on our requisition and PO changes.

      We have the below scenario in which it is not working.

      Please guide on which set ups i need to check.


      1) created a requisition for 100 USD

      2) manager approved the requisition. we follow employee supervisor heirarchy

      3) approved PO is automatically created by workflow background process

      4) requestor goes and changes the requisition from 100 to 101 ( 1% increase which is within the tolerance )

      5) requisition should have been automatically approved according to our tolerance, however it is going for approval to the manager.


      Please suggest a solution and let me know the tolerances set up navigation so that i can recheck them.


      Many Thanks,