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    Hyperion suite and OBIEE on the same weblogic server


      To the experienced infrastructure people on this board, I want to pose a question regarding the co-hosting of OBIEE and Hyperion suite on the same physical box, and actually on the same weblogic server.


      This is obviously not for a production scenario, as am aware of the fact that it is not advisable to put to heavy load servers on the same machine. However, I just built a heavy specced machine for my team to train on, and ended up with the entire EPM suite on a Linux server, and then when I wanted to add OBIEE also to the same server, I ended up with two admin servers, one for EPM and one for OBIEE.


      Would be it a stupid question to ask if I want to host one admin server, and deploy both the EPMSystem and BI domains on to it. The installation SW for OBIEE didn't let me pick that option, so I ended up with two servers on two different ports.


      The setup is OK for the purpose it was meant for, i.e. training. But, I was wondering if this has been done or can be done the way I wanted.


      Thanks in advance, and go easy on me if I sounded too dumb.