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    How to stop REDO and UNDO generation on a table ?


      Correct me if I'm wrong.


      All DML  ( insert,update,delete) activity on Oracle database tables will generate UNDO and REDO activity.

      This will make database write to  REDO Log files and ROLLBACK segments.


      We have a table where we do lot of DML's ( 1 million on a daily basis).  The data in this table is not critical for us.

      Even if we loose the data we are OK.    Our database is always setup in NOARCHIEVELOG MODE.


      1) Can we setup the table in a such way that any DML on these table will not write to  REDO logs or ROLLBACKS  ?


      2)  If we cannot do this at table level , is there any kind of hints we can add to the DML statement which will not cause REDO or UNDO ?



      Thanks in advance

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