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    Unable to start process because of missing library files (but similar server seems to be just fine.)


      I may be missing something obvious.. I have two Solaris 10 servers attempting to start httpd (apache 1.3 - yeah, old I know, not my choice.) They require auth_ldap.so and seem to be using the netscape c directory SDK libraries or are at least compiled against it.


      On both servers, ldd fails for auth_ldap.so with the following complaint:


      # ldd -s auth_ldap.so


         find object=libldapssl41.so; required by ./auth_ldap.so

          search path=/usr/lib  (default)

          trying path=/usr/lib/libldapssl41.so

              libldapssl41.so =>       (file not found)


         find object=libnspr3.so; required by ./auth_ldap.so

          search path=/usr/lib  (default)

          trying path=/usr/lib/libnspr3.so

              libnspr3.so =>   (file not found)


         find object=libplc3.so; required by ./auth_ldap.so

          search path=/usr/lib  (default)

          trying path=/usr/lib/libplc3.so

              libplc3.so =>    (file not found)


         find object=libplds3.so; required by ./auth_ldap.so

          search path=/usr/lib  (default)

          trying path=/usr/lib/libplds3.so

              libplds3.so =>   (file not found)


      I get the same output on both servers, yet on one server apache will load and start auth_ldap just fine. The other does a crash-and-burn when it can't find libldapssl41.so in the library directories. I've searched through the server and didn't find any of these libraries installed (at least not with names similar to what ldd was looking for.)


      I'm generally a Linux person but I am a bit inept when it comes to compiling and linking. I'm used to using yum or similar package managers and not compiling my own source.


      I'm sure this is a simple issue - just curious why one works already and the other does not. I can furnish any info that's needed - I just don't know what to look for.


      Jon Rowlison

      Middleware Engineer

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