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    How to reomove the jobticket.xml's??


      Hello I would like to know how to remove the jobticket.xml's.   I know how to delete the extraction files, but all the jobticket generations are clogging up my mstrres folder.  Any advice would help.  I checked all the documentation and there is nothing concerning this modification.



      Thank you very much!

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          These files normally are deleted automatically or not even created. You have some debug option or options enabled that cause these to we retained. Check your dap.ini and config INI files for these options and set them to No.



          RPDCheckRPRun =

          RPDCreateJob =

          RPDProcessJob =

          RPDStopRPRun =

          RPDCheckAttachments =



          Debug =

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            Thank you this did work, but all the other instances of the creation of PDF's are still here.  Don't know how to do that,  Maybe doing the same like you have explained for any of the PDF ReqTypes would work?  Or do you think might work in this instance of removing the PDF after it has been viewed on a webbrowser.

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              What version of Documaker is being used? Answer might be different per version. But I am pretty sure these files are getting cleaned up unless some debug option is turned on. Sometimes passing the debug=yes into the request might leave the file(s) there too, I am not sure it is applicable for this specific case thou, but it is worth checking.

              Are files being left named unique and thus accumulating on disk? If there is no accumulation due to reuse of file names (for example a couple of files per IDS instance), there is no harm in these being left on disk.

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                The names of the pdf's are unique and thus i think they are accumulating.  All options i have are set to "no",  I have checked through the documentation.  I'm using documaker 12.3.  I have checked the fsiuser and fsisys and dap.ini files.  Although dap.ini is read above both of the latter, I did check that the options were set to no for the all the initialisation files.


                I really don't know, maybe you have a crucial knowledge about this, I would appreciate the help please. 



                Thank you,

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                  Wait a minute, you said you wanted to get rid of jobticket files, now you mention PDF files. Let's talk PDF files then.  In general PDF files are registered with the server for later deletion, except in cases when you generate the names of these yourself and send them in. Check if the PDF file names are in any of the files called filecache.properties.*. If they are - they will be  be removed by the server. The time controlled via INI option and I think defaults to 2 hours, so within up to 4 hours the PDFs with names generated by IDS/gendata combination should be removed. INI is <Control> PDFFileCache = number of seconds, defaults to 7200 (2 hours).

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                    Yes the jobtickets and that includes all of the files which gets produced from the jobticket xml's. I will add the PDFFileCache  in the control group and see if it works.  There are files also created which doesn't have an extension. I guess that will be in the filecache.properties files so that should be deleted automatically in that instance. 



                    Thank you for your effort. I really do appreciate it.