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    Is it possible to use WebLogic Authentication to automatically login/connect to EBS 12.2?


      Hello All and thanks for any help with this.



      I am attempting to develop a script that will configure single sign on from Windows Native Authentication (WNA), using Kerberos, then Weblogic server would accept the Kerberos keytab file and Weblogic would use that to log into the EBS instance.  The main caveat is that this will NOT be using any of the Oracle Entitlements Server, OIM, OAM ect. architecture.  It will only use the embedded Weblogic Server authentication mechanisms.  So my first step is to develop the steps to allow SSO authentication from Windows all the way to EBS instance (if possible).  My second step is to script the steps into a file/program that can run on other machines to enable SSO.



      I do have the steps that can enable WNA to Weblogic, but have not found any information on how to accept/connect authentication from Weblogic to EBS.

      Any information on this would be greatly appreciated