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    Turning on BC in an already live R12 EBS system


      Dear experts,


      I'm wondering if any one of you have had any experience with developing a consulting solution for this scenario:


      We are live on R12 EBS for many years and now we want to turn on budgetary control(BC). The pre-requisite for this is to switch from our current standard accrual method to encumbrance(ENC) accounting menthod. Now after turning on  Budegetary Control/Encumbrance,  the PO/REQ's that were created Pre BC enablement cannot be further invoiced/processed as we have system encumbrance hold. Probably becuase these PO/REQ's are courrput i.e. they do not have a budget account in the distribution line since these documents were created prior to enabling BC. Where as REQ/PO's the are created after enabling BC/ENC have budegt account populated in the distributions. Further, the budget is against a BC enabled project and no GL budgets are used.


      Can any one share any experiences/success stories in building a solution/data fix for the above. None the less please share your insight.