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    How can I ensure required archive logs are available for a flashback database?


      Environment (although a rather generic question)

      Oracle - Red Hat Enterprise 6.5


      I want to ensure that all archived redo log files required for a flashback database operation are available.

      (Yes I am aware that flashback database uses flashback logs, but redo log files are also potentially required)


      My normal flashback retention period is, say, set for 24 hours. I should then be able to delete any backed up archive logs older than 2 days (to be safe).


      If I set a guaranteed restore point, I may retain flashback logs for longer than the normal flashback retention period. I still need to ensure that the required

      archive logs are available should I wish to flashback to this guaranteed restore point at a later date. Is there any way of flagging to RMAN that these logfiles

      are potentially required for a flashback operation,  and that they should not be removed?