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    Measures come back as blank in report




      I am  developing an RPD and having trouble with measures


      This RPD is on top of an OLTP DB.


      We have Table A  that has one to many relationship with table B that has one to many relationship with Table C.

      So I made this join in my RPD in the physical layer.


      In the BMM layer  I specified my left/right outer join to make sure I get all rows from Table A


      The problem is Table A has some columns that I  specified - aggregation on as Sum. Also Table C has some columns that I specified as  - aggregation on as Sum. These are my measures


      When I pull Table A -measures that return data fine.

      When I pull Table C measures that simply doesn't return data as blank.


      So I defined my dimension on Table C to specify at what level it should aggregate but Table C measures still return as blank in the report.


      What other things I can check to make these columns work.  I was trying to make Table A my Fact and Table B a dimension with snowflaked Table C.

      Also when I just select measure from Table C , the physical SQL is just querying on  the key of that logical table , so that's what told me I am not specifying the level correctly at which measure should be aggregated.



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          how did you create your logical table source? You took table A and also created links overthere with table B and C?


          Try to simplify your business model once :

               - create a logical fact with as table source table A joined to B joined to C (see this a flat table structure)

               - just duplicate this table to create a dimension table and see what happens

               - aftwards you see which dimensions you need and expand your model