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    dsccreg add-agent problems




      I've successfully setup DSCC with version from on DSCChost

      I've registered successfuly one server (HOSTB) running version with an agent to this DSCChost


      Now I tried to add the second server to the same DSCC and got the following error message during adding the agent:


      # /opt/dsee7/bin/dsccreg add-agent -H DSCChost /opt/dsee7/var/dcc/<hostname>_agent
      Agent path: /opt/dsee7/var/dcc/<hostname>_agent
      Enter DSCC agent "/opt/dsee7/var/dcc/<hostname>_agent" password:
      Cannot connect to DSCC registry
      /opt/dsee7/var/dcc/<hostname>_agent has not been registered in DSCC on DSCChost


      DSCC registry is definitely running on this host...


      Any explanation why this fails?