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    Question about Generated Schema in Entity Registry and the Message Schema for the Entity


      I am looking at the implementation of the Shopping Cart in the Entity Registry in an effort to understand how the thing works.


      I see that when I generate the Schema (XSD) for the Entity Registry item SCC_SHOPPING_CART (SCC_ENTITY_20131031004722) it matches the message schema for SCC_ENTITY_SHOP_CART.V1 for the most part with a couple of exceptions.


      The message schema has two includes in it:

      <xs:include schemaLocation="SCC_ENTITY_CLS_MEETING_PATTERN.VW.xsd"/>

      <xs:include schemaLocation="SCC_ENTITY_CLASS_TEXT_BOOK.V1.xsd"/>


      while in the newly generated XSD the shapes are included in the schema.


      I also see that our Registrar has added new SSR_COMPONENTs and that these are included in the newly generated Schema.


      My question are:

      1. Does the Message Schema need to be updated when there are changes to the prompt tables or translate values that are included in an Entity?

      2. Does the Message Schema have to be updated when there is a change to the generated schema that is non-data related.

      3. If the Entity is changed in a way that requires the Message Schema to be updated as well, will Oracle deliver the Message Schema in the Upgrade Project or is it our responsibility to keep track of those changes and update the Message?


      Any advice is appreciated.


      Tamara Foster

      Northwestern University