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    Need to retrieve DTD files used in XML gateway in oracle EBS


      Hi all,


      We have a running project integrating between Oracle B2B and Oracle EBS using XML gateway. The existing process is like, when a PO/PO change is approved in Oracle EBS, then XML message is sent to the Oracle B2B through Oracle SOA. Likewise there will be inbound messages from oracle B2B to EBS.


      All the XML gateway setups are already in place currently that includes the DTDs, Message maps, trading partner setup etc and the integration is running very fine.


      The problem is that I was asked to delete an element from the existing DTD file that is used to generate PO message.

      I am being new to XML gateway confused how to pull that respective DTD file and Message maps from the XML Gateway.


      Will be helpful if someone share, how to retrieve the DTD file from the XML gateway and how to push it back again and any other steps to be done.