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    How to prevent lose of pesistent messages in JMS Queues ?



      I'm working in a project which uses JMS queues on Weblogic. We are thinking what would be the best way to persist messages of those queues in order to assure we won't lose any message. Some people say we should persist messages in a DB, some others say filesystem. In a perspective of performance, is filesystem the best choice? If so, what the measures we should take in order to avoid any message to be lost ?


      The same goes to the database persisted messages. What is the way to prevent lose of messages when using DB?


      I'd like to know the best practices for both cases, so we'll be able to choose a better solution.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Persistence store of type file could give better performance than database.
          However if database server is running on faster disks and highend hardware than the weblogic one, then using database persistence store might provide a better performance. If database server and weblogic servers are on different servers then it would increase you network traffic.

          You could consider these points in your selection process.