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    What exactly do Oracle mean by Oracle Cloud ?




      I am used to administering lots of Oracle applications and technologies in a traditional data center setting. I am trying to get my head around what Oracle actually mean by their cloud offerring.

      So I have listed my top 10 queries below ( sorry some of them are a bit simplistic ) - any clarity grately appreciated


      Firstly they seem to have 3 levels / category of cloud - SaaS, PaaS and IaaS


      Q1. given all the products Oracle have I cannot find ( on their web site ) a list of their SaaS enabled products. Anyone got a reference ?


      Q2. I have found even Oracle reps list Oracle database as one of their SaaS products but that surely is not right. Oracle Database and all their middleware products ( i.e. WebLogic Server, BI, Apex, J2EE etc ) are surely part of their PaaS offerring ? I would have though things like E-Business Suite etc where more like what would fit into the SaaS categotry ?


      Q3. If you purchase a SaaS application from ORacle, I am presuming it must inherently include the PaaS and IaaS provision in orfder to execute that application ?


      Q4. If you purchase a SaaS application from Oracle, how do they utility bill / charge ? Is it based on crude metrics like CPU usage or is it say per application transaction ?


      Q5. I am guessing if you purchase PaaS from Oracle, then utility billing must be based on the cruder metrics of CPU etc ( since you could be deploying any of your own applications on the platform - thing that Oracle do not have any information on ) ?

      Q6. Speaking of CPU - does that fit into the IaaS level ( Oracle's web site only shows Storage and Messaging in the IaaS layer but surely processing power must be in there as well i.e. the equivalent of you purchasing some virtual servers )


      Q7. If you were looking a cloud solution to provide a DR site for your production system – would this fit into PaaS or IaaS ?


      Q8. What’s the difference between a Private cloud hosted in your own Data Center and having a Server ( holding the Oracle products / technologies ) accessible over a WAN / LAN ?


      Q9. If you build a private cloud in your own data center, what is payable to Oracle ? i.e. just the licensing fee of the products rather than a Service Charge ?


      Q10. Why does Oracle categorise the deployment of clouds as Private Could vrs Oracle Managed Cloud. Surely the proper categorisations are Private Cloud vrs Public Cloud ( an issue of hosting ) and Self Managed Cloud vrs Oracle Managed Cloud ( an issue of management / administration ) ?


      many thanks,