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    NOACCESS for the data of an HFM Grid



      I am not able to see the data for a particular POV in HFM when I assigned Default role and Default security class to that user.So Do I need to assign any another role to view the data of HFM?


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          Madhu -Oracle
          Hi   Please check whether the application is enabled with process management and check for the reviewlevel of data and see the user is provisioned with the same levels?  Regards, Madhu.
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            Can we give review level for the read access purpose for HFM?

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              Hi everyone,

              I am following every solution but could not resolve the issue so here I am  giving  you a complete picture


              I have created a test user to validate this like How I should assign Read access to HFM like to see data of the application and he has other planning ,fr view roles.


              Created a test user under Native directory

              Create a group to make all the user's who would like view the data of HFM Application

              Assigned Default provisioned  role under HFM to that Group[Can we give Advanced user along with Default role?]

              Assigned the default security class and assigned Read access to that security class[Can we give other existing security classes to assign in the dimension library metadata members if so for which dimensions I need to assign the security class?].

              Can we assign security class in Application metadata or do we need to assign only to shared library?

              After deploying the application WHen I loggined with the test user I can see only NOACCESS I could not see the data.Do we need to load the security file I think we no need to load for EPMA!

              I am not able  to see the data like when I opened any datarid it is showing NOACCESS for particular POV


              Please let me know Is this process correct or not If so why I am not able to?


              Thanks for your valuable infm.

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                Madhu -Oracle



                I dont think that you have checked the process management reviewlevel access for this application.

                Ensure that the users needs to have same review level access even though the user is accessed with default rights.




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                  I enabled the process management but how i should give review level access to a user aswellas in metadata?


                  please suggest me

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                    Thanos A

                    Hi there,


                    Assuming that you have enabled the process management, you will have to start the period and move it to the review level that the use has access. For more information, please check page 224, chapter 12, hfm_user.pdf.


                    If you cannot do that... just disable processmanagement...





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                      If I promote to next is there any thing happened to data because the user is a LDAP user where he should validate the data of HFM app which should synchronize with the reporting cube.Is it make sense If I go for Process control and select the POV for what he is looking for like for which POV he is looking and starting the period .So I can see the level as 8 for Actual data under scenarion in Dim library so then while provisioning the group I should give reviewlevel 8 for that group?


                      Let me know If I am wrong

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                        Thanks for you r reply and I have a doubt about process Management and Consolidation


                        Process Management:When we need to start the period in process Management like I have a user He wants read access for the data for that I disabled Process management for a scenario.So here At what situation I need to enable the Process management and even If I start the period for process management which review level I should give to the read access user.


                        Consolidation:If I made any changes to metadata ie adding dimension member to the shared library I can see CN status in datagrid So do I need to consolidate every time when I add any member in the shared library.Can I do the consolidation at any time.

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                          Thanos A

                          Hi Hypfm,


                          I believe that chapter 12 of http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40248_01/epm.1112/hfm_user.pdf will solve all your questions.