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    Does Calc Manager support running multiple instances?


      We have two instances of Calculation Manager (CalcMgr0 and CalcMgr1) running on the same Exalytics server. This issue first started in DEV when we added a second instance two weeks ago.  We don’t see the issue in TEST since the rules are only created or modified in DEV then migrated to TEST. 


      The issue occurs when creating a new rule or modifying an existing one. It is visible in Planning, but after a few hours when the same user logs back into Calc Manager, they sometimes cannot see the modifications or the new rule. Same thing for other users who have access to the rule.  After both Calc instances are restarted, then the rules are seen in Calc Manager.


      The issue might be with the synchronization or updating of the two Calc Manager instances. It could be that when the same user goes back into Calc Manager it can no longer see their changes or the new rule because they’re now in the other instance, not the initial one they were in. 




           1)     What Calc Manager settings exist for pushing or immediately updating the changes to the database when there are multiple calc managers? 

           2)     Is there a way to make the updates happen quicker so that both instances see the changes? 

           3)     Is there a buffer setting that controls how both instances get updated?