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    Urgent!!!Security Issue.


      HI All,


      I have a requirement like need to give "READ" access for particular user only to HFM application, already this user has many roles with different groups, so i have created a group and provided "DEFAULT" hfm role and also "DEFAULT" Security role and read access to the user, but the user was not able to view data, throwing "NO ACCESS"  for all the cells.


      If i give only DEFAULT Security class-- what will be the effect will it makes any difference.


      If i give any security class i can give access only to particular dimensions but the user must retrieve the data for any pov. The user must work as a viewer for entire hfm application as as end user. Do i need to give any security class other than Default.


      I also have tested with some test user, i can access data in dev environment with the test user but when i go and access data for test and pro environments found "NO ACCESS" why this difference.


      Is there any order for provisioning the user.


      Or will the hierarchy properties makes any difference


      What may be the possible reasons for getting "NO ACCESS".


      Please can any one share your experience i need to resolve the issue.


      Thanks in Advance.