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    Propagating ECID between Weblogic, Tuxedo and Oracle DB




      I am trying to configure ECID propagation in Tuxedo12.1. Followed instructions from the wiki http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35855_01/tuxedo/docs12c/ads/adecid.html

      I need to propagate ECID between Oracle DB, Tuxedo and weblogic server.


      Performed below steps,

      1. In RESOURCES section of UBBCONFIG(5), the OPTIONS field was extended with new flags, ECTD_CREATE, ECID_USERLOG

           ECID is getting printed in Tuxedo logs.

      2. Specified -L oci_lib_name option.

          From the wiki what I understand is, by providing -L option, ECID will propagate to Oracle DB.  Will it be logged in appserver logs? If not, is there any API to get ECID in appserver logs.

          I provided the path of oci.dll in -L option but it doesn't make any change in appserver logs.


      Also, we are using jolt instead of WTC to connect between tuxedo and weblogic. Can jolt propagate ECId to weblogic? If it can, what should be done to get ECID in webserver logs?

      Thanks in Advance