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    Multiple Manual Triggers on FAP


      Hi, we are trying to use multiple manual triggers on FAPs like an OR but it is only triggering based off of the last Manual trigger. We are using 12.2. Any help would be great.




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          We are trying to avoid using DAL scripts here though as we converted a system over from legacy and not every FAP has the same name as its call unfortunately. We would have 1000's of DAL scripts. I know the functionality exists to be able to use multiple Manual triggers. Just wondering what I am missing.



          I have even confirmed that My AFP file does not have RunTriggers rule inside it as Manual trigger Xpath checking for more than one true conditions has suggested.

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            I do not think I am articulately the issue appropriately. We are transitioning into a new system. So we will be taking XML in two formats for the next few years. The easiest way around this I thought was to just add another Manual trigger since I thought it would just act as an Or. I saw on here that it is functional and possible. I was just wondering what it is I am missing or is it a known bug in 12.2?


            I should also clarify what I mean by call. The system passes us a form name which doesn't neccessarily match the FAP name. For example, ZZ710108999 is the call but the FAP name would be ZZ710108999 or XX030797999 is the call, FAP name would be XX00030797 depending on when the FAP was made.


            DALS are just not possible for us at all in this system.


            I am working with multiple Forms and multiple Sections. This isn't a single case.

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              I do not think I am articulating properly but thank you for your input. Thank you for your input though. I am tired of explaining why DAL's will not work in my situation.



              Please only respond if you know how to get more than 1 Manual triggers checking for true condition working on same FAP. Only the second Manual Trigger appears to be working.


              Please do not respond if the suggestion is to add DALS because we cannot do that in this circumstance.

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                My apologies. I thought you wanted to know why your multiple trigger situation does not work and how to solve your problem. Since that is not the case, I have removed my prior messages and you won't have to see them anymore.


                Short answer: You can't make multiple triggers treated as an OR condition.


                Good luck.

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                  Your explanation of multiple manual triggers was excellent and the examples you gave were perfect.  Thank you for taking such a seemingly complicated issue and breaking it down in such an understandable way.   ... and so well written, too!  Your time was not wasted.  I am just sorry you removed your posts. 

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                    Sorry if I came off crass. The poster was excellent and articulate. I was curious to see if it was possible to go down the route I was asking about since DALs are absolutely out of the question in our Batch system.



                    I thought it was possible because of this posting however. I was hoping we were just missing something in the AFG or Ini.


                    Logical OR condition check in xpath - Documaker v 12.x