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    Why Transaction Date Line Earlier Created than Creation Date and Make Wrong Sequence?

    Sena Luz

      Hi Guys,


      In material transaction record, we have two different item and transaction : First is Move Order Issue and then WIP Completion.

      Both of them have same problem. The problem is in the transaction_date and creation_date. If we see the transaction_date is earlier created than creation_date


      The query data from material transaction order by descending :

      PCG-001-0047150PO Receipt6/10/2014 16:546/10/2014 16:57
      PCG-001-0047-30Move Order Issue6/10/2014 16:266/10/2014 17:00


      BM-200-1774.48WIP Completion27-FEB-2014 23:07:4727-FEB-2014 23:08:38
      BM-200-1-165.77WIP Issue27-FEB-2014 23:01:5827-FEB-2014 23:09:21
      BM-200-1-213.21WIP Issue27-FEB-2014 14:11:4427-FEB-2014 14:12:50
      BM-200-1-770.04WIP Issue27-FEB-2014 06:01:5027-FEB-2014 06:06:46
      BM-200-1-332.19WIP Issue27-FEB-2014 05:51:1127-FEB-2014 05:51:37
      BM-200-1990.86WIP Completion27-FEB-2014 01:16:5427-FEB-2014 01:17:44


      This problem have made each transaction in wrong sequence. The PO Receipt must be created before Move Order Issue and The WIP Completion must be created before WIP Issue.

      And also this wrong place record take effect to costing.

      How can be happened? And any solution to solve and prevent this problem?


      Thank for your attention. Please Reply.




      Contrasena Luz