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    "Invalid Line" error when using ttImportFromOracle -tableFile command


      Ran the command and got an error as indicated below:



      c:\oracle>ttImportFromOracle -oraConn myUser/myPassword@myDB -tableFile C:\oracle\table_list.txt
      Error: Invalid Line 'mySchema.myTable2' in file 'C:\oracle\table_list.txt'
      Use '-help' for more information


      table_list.txt looks like below, except I have 112 total tables in the list, one table per line as directed in the help documentation.






      I have tried making the table_list.txt file have only the table names (without the schema) and the same error happens.


      The invalid line is always the last table in the file. So if I remove the table it complains about, it just always complains about whichever table is last in the file.


      Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?