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      I have no idea where to find help for a new Java installation.  I have thrashed around here and am totally confused.  Is this a Java site where I can help?

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          Please edit your thread and change your subject to something meaningful. The subject needs to indicate what your question or issue is so that people with the proper experience will notice your thread.


          Just saying help is totally useless to anyone that may be able to help with whatever problem you have.


          Is this a Java site where I can help?

          How would anyone know? You haven't provided ANY information about what you need help with.


          1. Edit your thread and provide DETAILED information about your question or issue.

          2. Provide information about the Java version, OS and version you are using and any tools (e.g. NetBeans) you may be using

          3. Include sample code if your question deals with a code or programming issue

          4. Include links to any documentation or articles if your question is about something you have read


          See The Java Tutorials if you need help with basic Java functionality.